Friday, May 10, 2013


Happy Friday!I hope everyone has had a great week!!Okay so as a first timer at +High Point Market there was so much swoon to look at, it really was over whelming.The hottest and most swoon I would have to say was located at CR Laine.As soon as you stepped off the elevator, it was jaw dropping!So much color and patterns, it was refreshing and breathtaking!I had already fell in love with CR Laine products from using +Olioboard and was so excited to finally meet the VP of Merchandising and Marketing Holly McLay Blalock ,who by the way was such a wonderful person in real life.She was so welcoming and so beautiful inside and out.My experience at Cr Laine was AWESOME!!They threw a fab party and I met some wonderful people but that's next weeks blog lol.I can honestly say that going to CR Laine was truly one of my highlights at +High Point Market 
Loving the yin-yang Aldeo Chairs SWOON!

                                     CR Laine
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 You are still the one CR Laine

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