Friday, October 19, 2012

Bedding!So Many Choice's !

Annie Selke and ABCDdesign
Let's talk fabrics!Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining my first every Tweetchat !(Twitter Party)  I didn't realize what fun I was missing out on!!Cozy Up To Fall was the theme with Annie Selke Co and ABCD design. The ladies were a blast and so friendly.As I was trying to keep up with the feed lol I saw a lot of talk of many types of fabrics.It got me wondering how many different types of fabrics are there?What are they made of?Lets start with Natural fibers:Cotton which is a plant fiber,Linen which is also a plant fiber but different from cotton in that the individual plant fibers which make up the yarn are long where cotton fibers are short,silk which is a protein fiber and Wool which is also a protein fiber. Could there be more?Oh Yeah!!Have you heard of  Man Made Fibers??There's just way to many so here's a list from A to Z Fabric Glossary

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashion and Decor a great partnership!!

Fashion and Decor makes sense right?In the fashion world there's all different types of  textures,layers and color that is used just like in a room design.Fashion and design do influence each other . Textiles cross the boundaries from fashion to design. The same new patterns and materials might look just as good on a dress as on a sofa.The fashion world also changes with the seasons, and interior decor has followed suit. People who love decorating change accessories in their spaces with the seasons, using different window dressings, pillows and throws to switch up the look of the space, from summer to winter. Some people even redesign a room yearly with the latest trends, the way you might buy hip accessories for a chic new outfit.The trend of big names from fashion moving into the decor market is another indication of this. Armani and Ralph Lauren just to name a few have products lines that translate their core style from clothing to the home.I found a great  article on a blog that covers how fashion trends influence the interior industry Hannah In The House so basically inspiration and influence come from both fashion or decor!!According too Gretchen Aubuchon, founder and editor in chief of Fashion + Decor,the trends to go from runway to home are stripes,denim ,orange,florals and garden party.You can read more about it at High Point Market.Here's another article I found that reveals the top 10 fashion colors for 2013 PANTONE.I personally love blue so I'm all about the Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue.

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