Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Luxury on the sea

Recently I had the privileged of going to the Bahamas for free on a 120ft yacht, thanks to my daughter and her boyfriend who by the way was the captain of the vessel. My daughter works on a 83ft yacht as a stewardess/ deck hand. She loves her job and I don't blame her, it's definitely not the normal 9-5 grind. It requires long hours and hard work but the rewards are breath taking and who wouldn't want to live the life of luxury and travel. I was able to see the yacht my daughter worked on and I was amazed at how luxurious the smaller one was and how they designed the inside to function so well for such a smaller space compared to the 120ft. That being said, I would take the 83ft yacht any day if given to me. I cant disclose the name of the yacht or show full length shots of the vessel out of respect for the privacy of the owners, but I can share some pictures I took of the inside. What I can tell you is when I walked in the yachts I was taken back. This is definitely a field I would love to work in if only I knew how to break into it. I did learn a few things by checking everything out on the yachts. Even large yachts have limited space so it is important to remember to utilize everything you can, to provide functionality as well as decor. Whoever designed both spaces most definitely did that. You also would have to use fabrics, carpet etc... that works well with the environment, such as wind and salt air. So it would be essential to get the right materials(top quality) to cut back on the wear and tear plus easy maintenance. My overall experience was awesome and I felt like I was in a 5 star resort  I felt very comfortable and relaxed.