Thursday, May 2, 2013

HPMKT Events

Back as promised!So High Point Market wasn't just about all the wonderful showrooms and products.There were a lot of events and educational seminars, meeting many online people in real life and finding new friends and connections as well.I had the honor of sitting in on  +Sheilah MacSporran  "How to create 2D&3D Room Designs That Your Clients Will Love" using +Olioboard .If your asking yourself what is +Olioboard  then you really need to watch this Olioboard video As a design student has been a vital tool for me and  I will be using this in the future with clients. +Olioboard is also global and has 43 e-commerce partners.If you get a chance check out my profile on the site and send me some feed back.I love learning from other.My E-Designs

Next on the list was +leslie carothers "Slow It Down Social" Just a little about +leslie carothers for those of you who don't know about her she is CEO of  The Kaleidoscope Partnership which is a social media agency for the lifestyles,interior design and furnishings industry.She most recently became a partner with Olioboard.Okay  so back to her seminar which by the way was eye opening.She talked about making strategies,media and a lot of other good things.If you want more info on this send an email to      

I also had the pleasure of attending V&M's  2014/14 Trend Forecast
 I also attended Kellis Ellis and Lori Dennis "Taste of Design Camp" and Style Spotters Breakfast with +Lisa Mende and +Marilyn Russell.
                                      Design Camp  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.My next post will be about all the eye candy I found at HPMKT with lots of pics.See ya then!!

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