Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Blogger

Happy Monday, I'm excited to talk with a fellow blogger today. We have Rachel Ritter, an Interior Designer with +CMYfabriK.

QUESTION#1:When did you start in the Design industry and where did you go to school?Okay that's two questions :)
RR:I started designing people's homes last year while finishing school at the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. That first project is still my favorite so far. It's technically still ongoing, due to deployments and things like that, it tends to slow it down, but that's what's great about working with military families. While there's a lull in the design, it gives me time to work on other projects so that I can learn and get better. By the time that I return to this project to start working on the master bath, I'll have grown so much! Last month was a whole year that I've been doing this, crazy how time flies.QUESTION: Where do you live and what type of Designer are you?
RR:I live near Fayetteville in North Carolina. I am a Residential designer but am super excited to get into commercial design. There are so many up and coming businesses in the area that need that final touch to make their spaces stand out. I look forward to creating memorable spaces no matter what the size of the business is. I am also interested in doing staging for model apartments and possibly working with builders to establish new construction home layouts.QUESTION:What is your style and who is a designer you are inspired by?
RR:I absolutely love color and tons of texture, I try to incorporate it into my fashion sense and out there in the designs I do for myself and for clients. One Interior Designer that is my fav right now is Emily Henderson- she is so cute and quirky and her designs are amazing! Being budget-friendly for my client's sake is important to me, so the show" The High Low project" is what I strive to emulate. Finding great items for reduced prices makes everyone happy.
I know this will sound cliche but I find inspiration everywhere. I love trolling my Instagram feed- there are so many creative people out there! Cool art is a must, is a great resource for inspirational redesigns, lighting makes me happy so yeah, I find inspiration in anything and everything!QUESTION:Okay, so let's wrap this up what is your goal as a designer?RR: I would love to help all families who are just starting out and those who need change in their lives. I can help with material boards, furniture selections, space planning, thrift store shopping, DIY projects (which are always the best), and then paint & color selections.
I want to help “real” people, by that I mean the regular people who live on budgets but want change in their lives. That can come in the form of getting help with designing rooms in their home, getting assistance with furniture or maybe help with going through paint selections. I want to help those who are intimidated by hiring an designer or feel it’s not in their budget, I aim to make the design process understandable and affordable. For me, in the end it’s about helping people. I love being able to help them get a revamped space but without breaking the bank.Thanks Rachel for taking time out and being a guest.If you want to get into touch with Rachel you can reach her  at,,,or at (910) 884-6097.

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