Friday, October 19, 2012

Bedding!So Many Choice's !

Annie Selke and ABCDdesign
Let's talk fabrics!Wednesday I had the pleasure of joining my first every Tweetchat !(Twitter Party)  I didn't realize what fun I was missing out on!!Cozy Up To Fall was the theme with Annie Selke Co and ABCD design. The ladies were a blast and so friendly.As I was trying to keep up with the feed lol I saw a lot of talk of many types of fabrics.It got me wondering how many different types of fabrics are there?What are they made of?Lets start with Natural fibers:Cotton which is a plant fiber,Linen which is also a plant fiber but different from cotton in that the individual plant fibers which make up the yarn are long where cotton fibers are short,silk which is a protein fiber and Wool which is also a protein fiber. Could there be more?Oh Yeah!!Have you heard of  Man Made Fibers??There's just way to many so here's a list from A to Z Fabric Glossary

    Here's a few of my favorites from  PINE CONE HILL
PINE CONE HILL   I found a cute blog that's ALL about fabrics if you have time you should check it out!Fab Talk    Thanks for stopping by hope it wasn't to boring!Allie 

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