Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Spaces

There are ways to make a small space pop and yet still feel warm and cozy.
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Keep color schemes simple --- light and bright, or high contrasts are the main rules of thumb. Black and white or white and any other bold color work well. Keep the majority light-colored with hints of whatever bold hue you choose, be it black, navy, burgundy,turquoise etc..White walls and furniture with black and white patterned accessories such as throw pillows and lamp shades are great examples of this.
The light and bright idea is similar, keeping the main color light, such as a pure white, with bright colors all around or neutrals for a crisp fresh feel.

   Wall Decorations                       photo via Lauren Faythe
Keep it simple, and contrary to popular belief, big. You do not need much, but what you have should make an impression. A large print or tapestry on a long blank wall is much better for a small space than several smaller pieces on the same wall. Mirrors can be your best friend in a small space, but the same rule applies. Use a large mirror as the only piece on a blank wall and the room will instantly appear larger, and you add interest to the wall as well.

Consider beds in small bedrooms, lamps in any small room, and other furniture to be a matter of practicality. If you need a bedside table and have room for one, by all means add it. This may mean getting creative with positioning and styles, but it will be great in the end.

What to avoid

Avoid intricate furniture, too many patterns, and pastels. On the other hand, too many dark or bold colors are not going to work either. Basically, keep it simple, and add interest to furniture such as sofas and beds with a pop of pattern or color here and there. Keep these tips in mind and you can have a beautiful, interesting small space without feeling cluttered.The use of storage containers is smart.Buy furniture with storage.Examples ottomans with storage,beds with drawers underneath them or with enough height to store stuff under the bed.Think vertical. Could you hang shelves above your desk for extra books, papers or pictures? Here's an article I found on Better Homes In Gardens that can give you some more Ideas


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